Photowalking: Sheffield, City Centre.

These shots were taken on a number of days, a few months ago, probably sometime in the summer, when Sarah and I had been taking the Rollei for walks around Sheffield city centre; locations including Crookes Valley Park, Kelham Island and the Porter Brook.

We shot this roll using a grey, metered Rolleiflex T, on Ilford HP5+ at box speed, (ISO 400), and in accordance with the Massive Dev Chart, we home developed the film in Perceptol 1+3 for ISO 400. Our first home-developed B&W film was processed using de-ionised water, but due to potential cost and weight constraints, we decided to try out plain-old tap water. I also decided to use our darkroom lamp, as opposed to the main light, throughout development until after the fix-stage; in case this was responsible for the ‘fogging/over-exposure’ evident in my first post.

Again the resulting negatives were ‘scanned’ using a lightbox and Canon 500D dSLR with a Sigma 18-250mm superzoom attached, though this time I tried to flatten the film using the negative holder, (Autoneg), from our Durst DA 900 enlarger. I had originally intended to use some recently acquired macro-bellows, but figured out that I need extension tubes for the lens I intend to use, (next time maybe). Plus, I still need to get the hang of contrast manipulation.

And again the dreaded vertical scratches are in full force, like I said in my inaugural post, unfortunately we didn’t realise that we were incorrectly loading the film until after a few rolls of film had been shot. It adds character to some images at least!

Anyhow, despite the scratches, tap water and dSLR scan, they appear to have turned out reasonably well. Perceptol 1+3 and HP5+ are pretty well suited it would seem; but I guess that’s for you guys to decide.

Crookes Valley Park
Crookes Valley Park

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