Fujicolour Pro 400H, Shot at 400 – Rolleiflex T

Just a few shots, using the daylight-balanced Fuji Pro 400H, all of which appear to be in bright sunlight.

Note to self – less of that next time please.

Winter Arbor – Botanical Gardens, Sheffield.

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Lomochrome Purple, Shot at 400 – Rolleiflex T.

A ‘fun’ film. The Lomochrome Purple can be shot at a range of ISO’s to give a varied, false-colour effect. The link above also brings up some discussions on the subject of ISO selection for this film, it being variably rated between 100-400.

The consensus on Flickr is that 200 is ‘best’, not sure what that means but perhaps the effects are consistent with varying conditions, as despite how pleasing some of the results are, it is evident that 400 is not. I understand that it is marketed as an experimental film, however at >£9 per roll, it’s kind of pricy!

Well, I still have one more roll, that at some point I shall try at 200.

En route to Win Hill, Hope, Derbyshire.

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Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo, Madeira. Kodak Ektar Shot @ 200 – Rolleiflex T.

On my recent, winter trip to Madeira, we had the opportunity to head out on a multi-peak hiking route up to the summit of the island, the 1861m Pico Ruivo. Our route took us up and over the second highest peak – Pico Arieiro, and due to a couple of diversions, round a steeper route than usual; having us muster a total of 12.5km with 2,506m elevation gain. A good hike by my standards.

I took along the Rolleiflex, loaded with Kodak Ektar 100 which unfortunately, I shot at 200; the speed of the 35mm film I was also using in another camera whose ISO was set on my light meter. An easy mistake to make if not paying attention, (perhaps my old, school teachers had it right!). I also requested that the film be developed for ISO 200.

Anyhow, whilst I may have failed to capture the amazing weather up top, I think you can definitely get a sense of the volcanic nature of the island and these impressive peaks.


Tunneling through the haze.

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Extended break.

Well, (I’m not complaining), the festive lull must be prolonged this year; we’re heading to Madeira for a week, in celebration of my Dad’s 65th so shan’t be posting again properly until after that.

In other news, I have a new addition to my photographic family, as my lovely partner has turned enabler; providing me with a rather handsome Pentacon Six TL with the waist-level-finder and 45mm f3.5 MIR-26B, through which I’m running a test roll of Kodak Ektar 100.

Plus for my recent ‘annual aging event’ I received a box of Fujicolour Pro 400H, a beautiful-looking daylight-balanced colour negative film. So it’s safe to say that when I get back, should I avoid the film-fogging problems usually associated with airport security, there will be several rolls of film to develop or post scans of, as I’m currently shooting some expired 35mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 in the Pentax too. I’ll probably take the Ektar 100 and the Vista Plus, just to be on the safe side.

Anyhoo, until then, here’s a picture of my current, motley crew.

Enjoy. x

From left to right: Rolleiflex T, Pentacon Six TL, Pentax SV.
From left to right: Rolleiflex T, Pentacon Six TL, Pentax SV.