Fujicolour Pro 400H – Peak District Winter Camping

It’s always a joy when the snow starts to fall, especially when with friends of a similar mindset. Our good friends Dom & Craig are two such fellows and they were our accompaniment for an overnight camp at Edale in the Peak District, followed by a walk around the dreaded-Knoll-that-never-ends, (Brown Knoll to those who don’t know),  to Castleton and the refuge of the Old Nags Head pub.

Winter walking can be arduous, with the terrain underfoot being difficult, let alone when carrying weight, but you know the snow is worth it! The weather progressively varied throughout the day and was perfect for a mini winter adventure, and made for some decent shots.

Also, get yourself some winter gas if you need to cook in sub-zero temperatures. It will save some hassle!

This roll of Fujicolour Pro 400H was shot at box speed, on the 75mm f3.5 Carl Zeiss Tessar of the Rolleiflex T, and was developed by Ag-Photographic.


Breakfast Time!


This is what winter walking is all about – lunch time!

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