Fujichrome 64T II (expired) – Sheffield – Evening Photowalking

Good evening! It seems to have been ages since I last posted anything but I finally managed to get some colour films sent off for development, and I still have a few b&w rolls in the fridge, which hopefully I can get around to developing sometime soon!

A few weeks ago, loaded with some expired Fujichrome 64T II, I took the Rolleiflex, Profisix and tripod out for an evening photowalk; heading out around the immediate outskirts of Sheffield city centre, ultimately towards the city’s old industrial heartland, Kelham Island.

This was my first experience using a tungsten-balanced film, and given that the film was expired, to help with determining the correct exposure I decided to try out an app I came across via a post from Francois on the Filmwasters forum. This app allows you to plug in the details for your film, and it gives you a read-out of upper and lower suggested ISO settings. For a 07/2002 expiry date, and the ISO 64 film rating, the app suggested ISO 25.

To complicate things, 64T II is a colour reversal, slide film, and according to internet wisdom this means that you can achieve better colour results if you underexpose the film, (the opposite is an often used technique when using colour negative film). However, with the film being expired, results will vary based upon several factors, not least how it has been stored, as such it may be wise to test for yourself. In the end, I decided to use the app’s recommendation, but also shot a second exposure at ISO 40 with the aim of underexposing.

I further post-processed the scans from Ag Photographic’s Photolab service, boosting the exposure and changing the white balance.

The first shot is of the reverse of the Cemetery Road entrance to the derelict cemetery, located just off Ecclesall Road; the Sheffield General Cemetery.

Entrance to the Sheffield General Cemetary. ISO 25, +1 exposure in PS.
Entrance to the Sheffield General Cemetery. f16, 15s, ISO 25, with +1 exposure and white balancing in PS.

Next we have an example of reknowned street artist, Phlegm, located between Broomhill and Ecclesall Rd.

Phlegm street art. Foxes surviving in Broomhill, Sheffield.
Phlegm street art. Foxes surviving in Broomhill, Sheffield. Shot at f3.5, 15s, ISO 40 and colour balanced in PS.


And finally we have a piece by Pete McKee, adorning the side of Fagan’s pub, en route to Kelham Island.

Pete McKee, at Fagan's. Shot at ISO 25, +1 exposure in PS and some white balancing.
Pete McKee, at Fagan’s. Shot at f8, 4s, ISO 25, with +1 exposure in PS and some white balancing.


The app is apparently calibrated for negative film however it seems to work pretty well at predicting settings for slide film too. I am including  some low-quality triptychs I made that allow comparison of the exposures taken and the final images I am posting here:

Cemetary Triptych
Cemetery Triptych


McKee Triptych
McKee Triptych


Phlegm Triptych
Phlegm Triptych


I have some Ektachrome 160T in the freezer which I shall look forward to taking out next time, which will hopefully not be in such a long time!


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