Kodak Portra 400 – Park Hill, Sheffield

More Park Hill.

The afore-maligned, post-war re-housing effort has recently been receiving a lot of attention. Last week’s Sheffield Design Week had stalls up there and viewings in the new units in collaboration with  the company responsible for the, as yet partial, refurbishment whilst members of the Royal Photographic Society recently produced a glossy photobook, (which contains some pretty awesome images).

My interest has correlated with this upsurge in promotional activity, but has for the most part been separate. Though I did partake in a viewing and certainly had some delicious pizza last Saturday!

The show apartment was itself interesting, with some innovative space saving design bits, comprising elements that echo the industrial nature of the area and thoroughly had the whole functional minimalism thing going on. Hopefully the regeneration plans they have made see it out to full completion.

Years of accumulated grime and decay have painted the undeveloped portions of the site a decrepit and concrete grey. I believe the original colour scheme had contained blue and yellow elements, which if you look hard, you can spot when walking around the inner facade.

I loaded the Pentacon Six with some Kodak Portra 400, affixed the Biometar 80mm and mooched up there an afternoon a couple of weekends ago. The sun was in full effect, the sky with few clouds; a perfect day and a complementary film to shoot the “streets in the sky” in an attempt to rediscover those original colours and to capture those new ones, often reflected in the plastic safety windows and ubiquitous metal panelling that have been installed over time.

Unfortunately my analogue Profisix has decided to pack in, maybe once my thesis is submitted I can look into fixing it, but until then I’m metering using a digital Gossen Mastersix that I managed to get along with my Profispot. As usual, I used a grey card instead of the latter, though hopefully with the advent of more time to waste, I can soon start learning zone metering! This roll was metered at ISO 200.

Some cropping, straightening and saturation modification was perpetrated in PS but developing and scanning is thanks to Ag-Photographic’s Photolab service.

Anyhow, enough waffle. Enjoy!











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