The Unkillable Clerics @ The Hop – Oct 2015

Well, here we go!

Before I get stuck into the holiday snaps, I’m just going to post a few shots from a gig that my other half’s band played a few months back at The Hop, an Ossett Brewery pub in Sheffield city centre. Known as The Unkillable Clerics, they play a rather technical brand of ‘post-rock’ based upon metal, folk and classical influences.

I had well stashed a roll of Ilford’s high-speed Delta 3200, just waiting for a special occasion. A few gigs down the line (i.e. too well-stashed!) and I re-discovered this hidden gem in the fridge, so naturally I decided to put it to good use.

Loaded into the Pentacon Six  affixed to the 80 mm f 2.8 Zeiss Biometar, I metered the film at half box speed, ISO 1600, using the Gossen Mastersix and a grey card, (Ilford recommend somewhere between this and ISO 6400). Having never used this film before, I figured I’d start at the bottom, perhaps being somewhat over-wary of the ‘low light’ conditions in the venue.

Given my relative ignorance of this specialist film, its expense and the fact that I was sending my holiday films off at the same time, I decided to get these developed professionally; so processing, printing and scanning was performed by Ag-Photographic’s Photolab service. Turnaround on a total of 12 films was just two days after receipt at their lab, as usual a fantastic service!

19620001 modified

19620005 modified

19620010 modified

19620012 modified

19620004 modified


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