I’m Back! Or so I’m trying.

So..It’s been a long while – toooo long really. Since my last post (apparently 11 months ago!) much so much has happened; I’ve moved to Glasgow, started a new job, acquired a cat, and am now looking to buy my first house with my partner. Eventful times, but if it hadn’t been, I guess something must have been wrong!

For various reasons it’s kind of been a difficult time, motivationally-speaking. At home, we’ve been without sufficient space to organise a darkroom so that’s wound up being neglected and thus, irrespective of what I’ve shot, I’ve been collecting the spent film in the freezer, bodging increasing numbers of spools into an already full tupperware. And what with all the change, trying to create new routines and finding the time or effort has been hard, but slowly I’m getting back on it. Hopefully the new house, whichever/wherever it may be, will allow us more freedom and a dedicated space(s) to create in!

In other, somewhat related, news I recently overhauled my PC; new graphics card, RAM and monitor, for the main reason that I had myself some drum scans done – a number of shots from the trek in Peru – which at some point I intend to get printed. That’s waiting until I have a consistent work space though!

Anyhow, before I offer anything more substantial in the way of blogging, I thought I would just put out a couple of posts with the last few odds and sods from my Pan-American trip; followed, in separate posts, by some items from some of the short trips around the Scottish Highlands we’ve managed recently.




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