The Cobbler, Beinn Ime & Narnain – Kodak Portra 400

Taking advantage of my new-found proximity to the Arrochar region, and a visit from my old friend Craig, we set out for an overnight wild camp within the furrow of the three peaks in the area.

Our route took us around the western skirt of The Cobbler, up on top and down to our chosen camp site. The weather was warm and the skies clear – making for some spectacular views, especially as the evening drew in and the clouds raced in from the sea amidst the distant hills to the north.


The next day turned out to be somewhat sweltering (not that you could tell from ANY of the pictures here!), making the hardest day even more taxing. I believe it must have become a candidate for the hottest day of the year.

Whilst we set out up Beinn Ime we were afforded a bit of cloud cover, which gave us a temporary protection from the heat of the sun. Once we descended, and took up our route towards Beinn Narnain, the sun came out in full effect – forcing us to slow, ultimately leading to our (well, at least my) fatigue.


The route we took down the south-side of Narnain was quite a difficult one, much better suited to ascending really. The sun relentlessly beat down upon us and the path underfoot started to conspire against us; the day was becoming more of a test and to make matters worse, our sight of the pub appeared to be more and more obscured.


Despite being clad in my new string vest and trusty sun hat, it was far too warm (I’ll probably get a synthetic version for summer!), but at least the midges went unnoticed. I’d like to go back and do that route in reverse, but coming down that side was, at times, bone-crunching!


Anyhow enough moaning, I hope you enjoy the nice pictures more than I regretted taking the Pentacon up there! x


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